Blog Tour Cologne:: Dom, die Dom Dom

Well, hello there!

After two fun-filled, WiFi challenged weeks in Europe, it’s time to get down to the business of sharing what I saw, and I saw a lot of amazing things.

The first sign that Blog Tour Cologne was going to be a feast for the senses was a walking tour at sunrise, for those of us who flew into Germany on the same plane. Fellow blogger Paul Anater shared his experience at the High Cathedral of St. Peter with us on the flight over, and since we arrived very early on a beautiful Sunday morning, we all headed to the “Dom” with him for a tour and mass.

Many historic churches are laid out in Romanesque style, with a cross-shaped floor plan featuring fancy terms like narthex, transept, apse and nave. I learned all that technical stuff from the most amazing History of Art and Architecture professor, John Kiser, that a design student could ask for over the course of two semesters in college, but you can get the short story here. Go ahead. Educate yourself. I’ll be here when you get back.


It’s impossible to properly explain the sheer magnitude and beauty of the Dom. It is equally hard to describe how moving it is to attend high mass in a building where construction started in 1248 and finished 600 years later. The stunning acoustics and visuals were almost enough to make us forget how cold we were. Almost.

Since mere words can not accurately illustrate it, here’s a look at some of what we saw:

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